Sunday, August 14, 2011

Playing With Turtles

Playing With Turtle Pattern / illustration

Ange of The Daily Turtle inspired this one!

I found the turtles in a book called "Around the World Patterns". It had a four-turtle tile that I manipulated into the background for this post.


  1. :D

    I am honoured!!!!! And pleased that the hand isn't doing any... questionable gestures. LOL
    It's funny, I saw a disembodied hand in a store display (holding a piece of jewelry, I think) and I thought of YOU. :)

  2. So neat! I <3 365 posts inspired by other 365 artists.

  3. The cool part of networking and sharing is seeing what others are doing and learning new ways of looking at what's around us... inspiration is a little hard in a vacuum.

    I saw an unusual metal turtle bowl/platter at Cost-plus and of course I thought of Ange! Then I saw some beautiful cobalt-blue glassware and thought of "Year in Blue"... I adore blue glass.

    Too funny.