Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Broken Hands At Mary's Feet

Broken Hands In The Dirt / photograph

I had to move over this last weekend (after 14 years in the same house)... Outside of my new domicile I found these broken hands. They lay in the dirt near where I placed my beloved Virgin Mary statue. I think they are a sign... hopefully a good sign.

Close Up Of Broken Hands In The Dirt / photograph


  1. You mean the hands are not from the statue? And you didn't see them when you placed the statue??
    Very interesting. What are you going to do with them?

  2. During the positioning of the statue, the old broken hands were discovered...

    I will probably leave them there... or maybe re-bury them... or I could clean them off and place them somewhere else...

  3. I think the old hands must be from from a saint or perhaps a svelte Buddha statue...

  4. Nice find! Serendipitous, I would think.