Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sharpie Sunday

My Favorite Sharpies / direct image scan

  • The quality of the Sharpie mark is full of rich, juicy saturation
  • I absolutely adore the way they smell (but I can't do long division anymore)
  • I usually have at least one Sharpie in my purse (always prepared)
  • It makes me a little sad when a beloved Sharpie finally drys out


  1. I hate the way Sharpies smell.
    Maybe that is why I can still do long division. (not that I DO it, but I still can...)
    I have a bunch too, but I don't keep any in my purse, I'd be afraid that it would leak!

  2. Big sharpie fans here too. My husband carries two black ones on him at all times, and my preschooler son has already been infected. Which is all well and good until he forget to put extra paper under his drawing, or heaven forbid, his little sister gets ahold of one and draws all over herself.