Friday, June 3, 2011

Manos Y Jamón

Big & Little Hands All Love Jamón, Barcelona, Spain / photograph

Jamón De Iberico Y Jamón De Serrano, Barcelona, Spain / photograph

Little Brother & Big Jamón, Barcelona, Spain / photograph

Jamón For Sale, MasyMas, Spain / photograph

Jamón Vise, Moraira, Spain / photograph

Mas Jamón, Barcelona, Spain / photograph

Restaurant Owner Con Jamón, Moraira, Spain / photograph


  1. Just viewing this post will fulfill your sodium requirements for a week!

  2. All the food posts! Did you just eat your way through Spain?
    I'm happy to see it isn't all seafood. ;)

  3. As a matter of fact - Yes I did! I ate and drank my way through Spain!

    (I also have a bizzilion photos of non-food related Spain photos but no hands were involved other than my own holding the camera... I will post to my flicker account next week)