Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today Is Day 100!

Habitual Hands: Day 100 / typographic illustration

Imagine if my blog had been called "bottle of wine a day" - I would be a total lush by this point!

I have mused about other 365 day blogs that I could do...
  • 365 Days of Cute Shoes & Boots (yes because I probably have that many pairs of heels... maybe)
  • Typo a Day (I spell like a drunk baby**)
  • Eat Something Naughty a Day (what can I say - I like naughty things)
  • Accessory a Day (this could end up on an episode of one of those creepy hoarding shows)
  • New Bird Poop on My Car a Day (they always nail my car... that would have to be a pretty gross blog)
  • Go-Girl a Day (I am addicted to GoGirl energy drinks - maybe I could do something cool with the cans or come up with crazy go-girl recipes...)
  • Coffee Stain a Day (this would be a boring blog unless I made "art" out of the stains)
  • 365 days of Stuff in my Purse (I always find weird & cool stuff deep in the bowels of my handbag - who puts it there? Oh yeah - it was me)
    **Habitual Hands in no way supports or endorses drunk babies or the spelling errors make by drunk babies.


    1. made*
      Was that intentional?

      Funny! I think you made the best choice out of all those options. ;)
      Congrats on 100!!!!!!!!

    2. Ha! Of course it wasn't intentional - it was that d!#n "drunk baby" spelling syndrome I suffer from!