Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hands, Tapas & Octopodes: Flavors Of Barcelona - Part Three

 Hand With Tapas / photograph

Great Tapas Bar In the Bari Gotic, Barcelona  / photograph

Pan Of Octopus In Tapas Bar, Bari Gotic, Barcelona  / photograph

Tapas Bar In the Bari Gotic, Barcelona  / photograph

Tapas and hands go together - many tapas are finger friendly. I went out with my brother in search of a really good Tapas bar and we found one in a part of Barcelona called the Bari Gotic (Old cobble stone ultra narrow streets - fun to explore). We stayed until 1 a.m. - In my opinion - this was the best tapas bar we ate in Spain! Excellent flavor, service & value! (I didn't eat the octopus because I am not a fan of octopus but felt they were very photogenic)


  1. They may be photogenic, but I'm not sure I would want to eat them.......

  2. Ange - I know what you are saying... I have knowingly ate octopus a few times:

    ~ Fresh boiled octopus with olive oil prepared in Athens, Greece 15 years ago

    ~ Tako (type of sushi: poached slice of octopus leg on a bed of rice)

    ~ Deep fried baby octopus with lemon and dipping sauces.

    The first two were a little too chewy for me. The third was too recognizable (as was the first).