Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mano De Aluminio Bonita

Pretty Aluminum Hand / photograph

Another glove mold from my hand collection! I have photographed each side of the glove mold against two different backgrounds. Two rusted brackets extend from the bottom.

I saw an interesting re-purposed glove mold online several months ago. I searched but can't find it now of course. Brackets held the form to a wall and dangling from the fingers was a working light fixture. The hand above would be great for that purpose. Even one of the porcelain molds would work. So many hands... so little time and even less electrical wiring skills.


  1. These are cool. I never even knew glove molds existed before!

  2. I just found something similar - Not quite the design I remember but it illustrates the idea of what a hanging glove mold lamp could look like:

  3. What that photo doesn't show, I believe, is the rest of the electrical cord trailing down the wall into an outlet. If you have the means to secure your hand to the wall safely, you could totally do that with any ol' pendant light. We bought one at Ikea years ago. No electrical experience required! Go for it!

  4. You're right... It would be cool if the cord down the wall didn't show...