Friday, April 15, 2011

Hand Of A Mini Sock Monkey

Hand Of A Mini Sock Monkey / scanned image

Not much differentiation between the hand, foot and the tail of the common sock monkey. The inspiration for this post came form Ange from at The Daily Turtle. I have a bigger hand-made sock monkey that I intend to feature at a later date.

Yes - my bejeweled bangle reads "Love Bites"... Happy Friday!


  1. Aww... Cute!
    "Love Bites" An hommage to Def Leppard, vampires or something else?

  2. My bejeweled bangle is from Betsy Johnson - (part of her "Betsy the Vampire Collection") Goldtone with black enamel and pink rhinestones... very glammy in a quirky kinda way.

    At the time of it's purchase... the typographic sentiment seemed very appropriate... still does.