Sunday, February 27, 2011

Light Defining Texture

Composition of Five / photograph

Four of the five were featured in a post one week ago. Left to right: (1) ceramic hand for jewelry display (decorated with decals); (2) porcelain glove mold, size 6.5, right hand; (3) porcelain glove mold, used; (4) articulated poseable human hand artist model; (5) Gianna Rose Atelier ceramic decorative hand, No. 520.

It pleases me not how all my walls are texturized.


  1. hello. i'm commenting regarding the hand on the far left with the black line illustration - where did you get it? is there a manufacturer stamp or insignia on it anywhere? i used to have one when i was younger and managed to lose it in a move, and have been looking for one ever since. would you be willing to sell yours, maybe? i'd pay for shipping. i'm totally serious - i've been looking for it for *years*. please let me know at bloonic at gmail dot com. even if it's a no - like i said, i've been searching for a wicked long time. thanks so much.

  2. hello. same person again, just over a year later, asking again if you have any interest in selling that hand on the far left. again, i am totally serious - i want that hand SO bad, and i've yet to find another like it *anywhere*!!! bloonic at gmail dot com, i'm happy to go by paypal, whatever, just let me know either way. thank you so much once again!