Sunday, February 20, 2011

Colorful Writing Process

Pen In Hand / photograph

My hand, photographed (by my other hand) in front of a computer monitor. The monitor had a screen full of little black dots displayed (created in Adobe Illustrator). I disabled the camera flash.

High Contrast Pen In Hand / digitally manipulated photograph

The image was opened in Adobe Photoshop, where contrast and edge fidelity were manipulated.

 Write Now / digitally manipulated photograph

Then I added a color halftone filter - 17 pixel maximum width. (tried 30 & 50 but 17 was as large as I felt the distortion could go while still maintaining recognizable imagery)


  1. How did you create or where did you find that screen in the background.

  2. 1) open an 11 x 17 landscape document in Adobe illustrator CS5 (other versions might differ slightly)

    2) make a big rectangle

    3) go to window / swatch library / patterns / basic graphics / basic graphics_dots

    4) select "10 dpi 40%" (4th swatch from left)

    5) fill the big rectangle

    6) enlarge to view to 150%

    7) change to "full screen mode"

    8) pick up your camera with one hand and photograph your other hand in front of the monitor - try without a flash.